Sunday, November 21, 2010

friday and saturday, oh what fun!

hello friends!

i had such a wonderful, fun, exciting weekend. from girls night, to dance party it was all a bundle of fun! and i especially wanna tell maddie what a great party she threw!

here are some highlights from our girls night.

all the girls had taco's,
p.s. my mom makes thee best tacos. then after we put avacado+olive oil+egg yolk in our hair, but unfortunately the avacado ran out and some of us had to use bananas, {not a good idea} after we made a face paste {well at least tried} and we crushed some apples, poured some milk in with it and boiled it, {what were we thinking?} we all felt very gross so we decided to go wash up! for the girls that put avacado in there hair it came out pretty easy, but for the girls with the banana in there hair, after we showered it still didn't come out. we watched a funny movie and all fell asleep.

thanks all you girls for making it a fun night!:)

here are some highlights from riverwoods.

me and kenz went down to riverwoods because they were having lights, santa, sleigh rides, a band, hot chocolate and much more! it was so much fun!


maddie james had sucha fun party down at a club house! a lot of people were there and it was a blast!


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